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Postnatal Yoga

with Katja Ruscher
Since 2020, I am certified to teach Yoga to pregnant women and women after delivery. Since my training I have worked with women in all trimesters, and women from 6 weeks to 2 years after childbirth.
I have specialized in for Postnatal Yoga and offer group classes (in German language) multiple times a week. 
We carefully strengthen the whole body and we support the healing process with a mixture of relaxation, strengthening and movement. We pay particular attention to the pelvic floor, back, and abdominal muscles and stretch the neck region in every class.
Meditation, Mantras and Chakra-work are involved in the classes.
You can join the classes at any point of time
with or without previous Yoga experience. 
Please consult your doctor before starting your classes with me to ensure that you can practice Postnatal Yoga.
If you are interested just reach out to me. Class language is German.
Postnatal Yoga Online Group Classes:
The first trial class is free of charge,
then the following prices apply:

1 Class - 8 Euro

5 Classes - 35 Euro (7 Euro per class)

10 Classes - 65 Euro (6,50 Euro per class)

If you have a German bank account please pay via transfer to the following  bank details.
If you don't have a German bank account you can purchase the class package  in the Group Class section using a credit card or paypal.
Current Class-Timings:
Times displayed in MEZ / CET (Central European Time)
Postnatal Yoga Group Class:
Monday's 6-7:00 pm
(with additional 10-20 minutes of time to talk with
other mothers about subjects of your choice)
Thursdays 9-10 am
Class language: German

On this page you see pictures of Janine, my friend and participant in my Pre- and Postnatal Yoga Classes. Headstands are not always part of our Postnatal Yoga Classes, but I just found it impressive, how strong her headstand was during and after pregnancy. :) And if you are up for it, you can surely practice or learn headstands with me!! :)

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