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The realization that we are one

Sometimes we think we as human kind are superior to all other kinds of living beings on the planet. Our intellect is actually something unique for the human kind. But we all breathe the same air,  feel the same kinds of feelings and live the same kind of life, until we all go back to the ground,  where we came from. And we can't deny that we are all dependent from each other. Every species has a function. Sometimes it helps so much to zoom out to realize who we really are. Physically (in our physical sheath "Annamaya Kosha") we are all made up of the same 5 elements (water,  ether,  air,  fire &  earth). We are all just tiny parts one big whole,  which is the earth. Like the ocean is one,  even though it is made up of innumerable drops of water, what ever happens to the ocean affects every little drop. What happens to one drop in return affects the whole ocean. The sum of all drops is the ocean. When you breathe and every single decision you make every day,  what ever you do ripples out and affects everything around you. When you breathe, feel this connection, feel compassion and be mindful about all the miracles and lovely beings around you. We are all one!

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