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Self Healing

Thoughts become words,  words become actions and actions become your reality.

This is not only valid in terms of every day actions but even on a subtle, cellular level.

The world around you is created by you.

By your thoughts, words and actions.

It is because thoughts have a certain vibration,  and matter has vibrations, too.

In fact they don't only "have" vibrations,  but they "are" vibrations.

When you have a thought,  you send out a certain vibration. It is for ever, vibrating outward. You can not reverse it. With your thought you attract all things and circumstances with the same vibration. The more you think positive and trust that good things will come to you,  the more you attract them. The more you fear bad things and expect bad things,  the more these will come to you. If you send thoughts of love,  you will receive love. If you send thoughts of fear, you will receive what you are fearful of. YOU CREATE IT and bring it into being.

If you believe in the power of your body to heal itself, you think thoughts of healing with gratitude and you send out vibrations of healing. Meditate on your healing. Visualize your cells working in your favor. Be thankful for it. Your body wants to be healthy! And it is working towards that if you let it. Trust me, you have all that you need! Your cells will get influenced by your thoughts and act accordingly in a similar vibration - a vibration of healing. But, you have to have faith in your body's ability and your own power. Just remember you have power over all that is happening in your life. If necessary use helpful medications and do anything you can to support your healing process but never forget your power of thoughts: YOU decide if you heal. YOU make the decision with your thoughts and your body just responds.

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