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Yoga Classes with Katja Mirani


In Person

I am currently not teaching Yoga.
Feel free to contact me for further information or cooperation.
You find Harsh's Yoga Classes here.

Class Reviews


Those who get to do yoga with Kat can count themselves lucky.

Kat has a lot of experience, enjoyed a great yoga training

and you just notice that. She gives professional guidance,

also conveys the philosophy and has an enormous calm,

inner strength and serenity that is transferred to the course participants - you are physically active and at the same time absolutely relaxed from the stressful everyday life. In short: personal, professional, absolutely recommended!

- Simone S.


By far the best yoga teacher I have ever met.

Just her aura and her way of teaching yoga makes

every lesson with her something extraordinary.

No matter if beginner or advanced,

everyone is in good hands with her :)

- Charlotte Geiersbach


The variety, instruction, breathing exercises, yoga philosophy...

just everything about your yoga classes is great! I will continue

to book classes with you and recommend you to others.

I am very satisfied and enjoy every session a new! :)

Thank you very much for your great input and the super yoga sessions.

- Viktoria Hobein


I highly recommend taking yoga classes with Kat!

Her motivating, energizing and at the same time relaxed

way of leading the sessions makes you feel completely at ease.

Not only does she appeal to experienced yogis and yoginis,

but she also manages to accommodate different levels in one session - without under- or over-challenging!

- Jule Monkemöller


The classes are very well structured and always a challenge for me. With her totally balanced manner and her

calming and motivating voice, Kat has the gift

of addressing all participants and inspiring them

to actively participate. Participating in her courses

is always an instructive experience for me, in which

I can completely relieve my stress. With her way she

always manages to make sure that I can go home in a positive

and relaxed way. I am looking forward to many more

great sessions in her courses. 

- Elke S.


Katja Mirani is a great yoga instructor.

She is competent, emphatic / sensitive, appreciative,

respectful and can adapt very well to the

different course participants and their training level.

The yoga classes with her are great fun and afterwards I

feel relaxed, strengthened and also challenged

in a pleasant way. SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!

- Monika S.


I had absolutely no connection with Yoga for the longest time.

I did the exercises, but it just didn't touch me

and I didn't feel anything. That changed

in one of Katja's classes.

I had a different experience for the first time and

even cried in the final meditation because suddenly

everything inside me seemed to melt like an ice cube and a blockage dissolved.

- Susann Ruscher


I took part in Katja's Yoga Challenge and am totally thrilled: the varied classes with an always very motivated and attentive yoga teacher, who responds to the needs of her yogis and also likes to share her knowledge about the yoga philosophy - plus the possibility to access videos on demand if you couldn't take part in the Challenge one day. Really great!

- Carolin Parys


The Yoga Challenge was a small, daily time-out for me.

The great mix of challenge and relaxation has thrilled me.

I would recommend yoga classes with Katja

to anyone looking for a regular active task for body & mind.

No matter if beginner or advanced.

- Luisa Schaumburg


I can definitely recommend your yoga classes,

especially because of the good instructions and

the wide range of exercises. The classes are nicely structured:

first the warm up, then a strenuous phase,

cool down and finally relaxation.

You are challenged athletically, but at the same time it has a calming effect on your mental state.-

- Anonymous


I felt really, really comfortable with Katja!

She responds to the group so that the pace and

physical effort is perfect. My boyfriend, whose

ankle strikes from time to time, had no problems

following and Katja promptly showed him

comparable exercises that he could do instead.

During meditation I could experience this kind of

"tingling" for the first time thanks to her.

Thank you very much for these relaxing sessions

and the insight into the diverse yoga world!

- Christine S.


Great yoga classes we get to experience,

you radiate a calmness in a perfection,

I always look forward to the next class.

- Frank L.


I'm doing a Yoga class with Kat and she's just the teacher I needed. She knows exactly what she's doing, she's very competent and has a very calming aura. You can see that she's teaching

yoga with all her heart.

 - Stella Fernandez


I like Yoga Breath online very much, I will definitely recommend it.  I think it's great that yoga is also offered on weekends and that the classes are varied. 🧘🏻 I've been a member since September 2020 😉 After the class I always feel stretched and relaxed 🤭

- Madeleine F.

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