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Keep your Saturday Morning's Free!

If you’re interested in Yoga & love the Outdoors!  

Join Yoga Immersion 2023,

an Intense Outdoor Workshop Series

 Explore Yoga asanas in Depth & Outgrow Your Goals

with an experienced teacher

Are you tired of attending yoga classes that don't challenge you?
Yoga Immersion is a two-month program designed for committed yoga explorers who want to get stronger and more flexible.


This program is for you!

Unless you...

… prefer slow meditative classes or random movement

… prefer hot and stuffy indoor studios

…want to keep your Yoga practice as it is

…want to practice with new groups every time without a community

If you're ready to take your practice to the next level...

Join us

Yogi with Mat

Commit to yourself and your practice goals


Yoga Pose

Face the challenge and expand your mobility, strength and knowledge


Fitness Wear

Experience a new level of satisfaction, energy and confidence

What you can expect from the 8-week-program
  • Intense 90 minute Yoga workshop in a serene outdoor setting every week

  • Extended preparation drills leading to advanced Yoga poses (with different focus each week)

  • Technical guidance & hands on adjustments

  • A highly skilled and experienced teacher

  • motivated and supportive group of practitioners 

  • Bonus: Other Activities such as Partner Yoga, Feetup, Gymnastic Rings, Massages, Chanting & more!

  • Q&A sessions + personal support at all times!

I am Harsh Mirani

Your teacher during the two-month Yoga Immersion!

  1. In my 5 years as a Yoga Teacher I got to work with more than 500 students from 10 nationalities in over 2000 yoga classes.

  2. I love combining knowledge from Yoga Poses with experimental Calisthenics & mindful movements. This results in a fun, challenging & fulfilling approach to gravity defying Yoga postures.

  3. I enjoy cooking vegan food & going on long walks in my free time.

  4. I am more of a shy type of person, but sharing Yoga knowledge is my passion, which helps me break through my cocoon.

  5. I live with my wife in Berlin-Wedding, with our rescue dog daughter “Priya” and we love to spend time in nature.

  6. I was born in India and trained there by outstanding teachers in the oldest, very traditional Yoga Ashram “The Yoga Institute”, Mumbai 2017 and in the traditional Ashtanga Yoga Shala “Indea Yoga”, Mysore 2020.

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What last years participants say...

Emily Hawkins

I’d been practicing yoga alone or in large classes for years, but was never sure if I was doing anything right. I joined The Yoga Immersion to take my practice to a higher level whilst also improving the fundamental aspects.

Harsh is a wonderful teacher. From the very first class I was doing asanas that I never thought I’d be capable of doing, all because he took the time to carefully explain each posture and gently adjust every student. He was also mindful of a pre-existing injury, offering me adaptations of certain postures.

I was stronger and more flexible, both mentally and physically, and felt calmer in my daily life.

Practicing outdoors was beautiful - hearing the birds and feeling the breeze on my skin also brought another level of peace to the practice.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also made friends for life!

I can’t recommend this course enough to anyone who would like to advance their yoga practice - especially if you don’t feel like you’re capable of more - you won’t believe what you can do with Harsh’s guidance!


Schedule & Program
for this years 'Summer Yoga Immersion'

Date & Time:

June 3rd - July 22nd
Every Saturday Morning

10:30 am to 12:00 pm


Every Thursday Evening

18:30 to 20:00


​Location: Volkspark Rehberge



Leg Strengthening & Mobility Sequence

with extended Relaxation.

After class Activity:

Get to know each other (You can bring your own blankets, healthy drinks & snacks if you wanna hang out longer)




Workshop: Shoulder strengthening, arm balancing & Inversions


After class Activity: Extended Shavasana with relaxing massage




Workshop: Back Strengthening and Backbending

After class Activity: Partner Yoga




Workshop: Hip Opening and Forward Bending

After class Activity:

Acro Yoga

+ Planning for the last weeks gathering




Twists & Forward Bending Sequence

After class Activity:

Feedback circle & Mantra Chanting as a group who ever feels like it! Q&A




Workshop: Advanced Inversions & arm balances

After class Activity: Feet Up Trainer and Hanging Ring Training




Workshop: Advanced Backbends

After class Activity: Partner Stretches




Workshop: Open for Wishes. Suggestion: Legs behind the head.

After class Activity: A healthy vegan feast:

Everyone contributes something small for a colorful picnic.


Program:   8 x  90 minute Workshops​

+ 1,5 h Yoga Asana Practice (with step by step guidance and adjustments)

+ 30 Min. optional Activities (Chanting, Massages, Acro Yoga and more, see the schedule here) Payment via Urban Sports Club or Cash in person.

+ Q&A's (ask unlimited questions)

+ Access to the Group Chat & Community (to stay connected and motivated)

Total Price per person: 60 € or 10 € for a single session.

(Includes 19% VAT)

Optionally you can book through Urban Sports by clicking here!


You want to be part of this Yoga Immersion?

These are your next steps...

I want to join the Yoga Immersion! Save my spot!

Please mention previous injuries​, aim/goal of for the course​ and how you found us.

Thanks for submitting!

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Good to know... 

It takes place in the park. What if it rains? In case of very unpleasant weather you will be notified latest 1 hour before the class and it will take place online through zoom in the comfort of your home.

What if I am already a Yoga teacher? Will it be too easy or boring for me? We believe that teachers can always learn something from each other. If your are a Yoga Teacher who wants to expand their knowledge or gain a new perspective, we are very happy to have you on board.

I am a Yoga Beginner. Can I still join? Nobody is perfect and every practitioner has weak spots.It is not about perfection but about exploration and growth. If you are willing to accept that you're not gonna be perfect at all the poses, this is a great opportunity for you to get stronger and grow personally. And don’t worry, we’ll offer easier variations and encourage you to listen to your body at all times.

What if I can not join every time? It is a 2 month program designed to encourage you to commit to a weekly practice. So, of course we encourage you to join as much as you can. However we know, life is eventful and that you might not be able to join every time. That's is completely ok.

Do I get a certificate for completing the course? This course is just to improve your self practice and your knowledge of Yoga Poses. We believe that certificates are overrated. However we can write a confirmation for you if it is important to you.

What if I injure myself and I can’t join the course? If an unforeseeable event like an injury happens and you inform us before June you get 75% back, before July you get 50% back. Please note that you have to be able to show proof on demand. If you find someone who wants to take over your spot you can get a full refund.

What if a class can not take place due to the sickness of the teacher? If a course has to be canceled, we will add a workshop at the end.

You read all the way till here?

We apprechiate your interest and we would love to receive your registration or question through this form. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Maybe see you very soon on your mat in beautiful Volkspark Rehberge! 

Yours, Harsh & Kat

Thanks for submitting!

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