[2]  In Person & Online class Schedule

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Ashtanga Yoga

There are 3 payment methods listed below but reach out to us if you have questions: 

[2]  Payment Methods

I] All payments for classes with Harsh

are made via Green Yoga's website.


Green Yoga accepts Credit Cards & Google Pay.

If these methods don't work,

please contact me and we can try the methods below.


II] If you have an European Bank Account

without a Credit Card:

Via Bank Transfer

You find the Bank Details here.


III] If you don't have an European Bank Account

or a Credit Card or Google pay

Pay Through The Website:

- You can purchase single classes 


- Unlimited subscription packages 

from all over the world directly through our website!

*Payments through the website are offered via PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card*


If You don't know yet, which offer to choose & you want to get

in touch with us first?

Then Contact us 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


For workshops, private classes, corporate sessions

and all other offerings, the booking procedure is on a needs basis.

You can contact us

through the contact form or social media.

Tell us a little more about your interests &

we will let you know if the desired dates and timings

for your requests are available.


[3] Class Pricing & Packages

Pricing For In Person & Online Group

Yoga Classes with Harsh

Important Notes:

* Prices are charged in €, however you can pay in all currencies through your credit card* 



Image of pricing

for example:





Image of pricing

for example:


Please reach out to us if you have any questions about pricing.

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Private Yoga Lesson

[4] Private 1:1 class slots are available

upon request.

Pricing is as follows:

  • 30 minutes: 15 Euro/ 18 USD/ 1300 INR

  • 60 minutes: 25 Euro/ 30 USD/ 2200 INR

  • 90 minutes: 35 Euro/ 40 USD/ 3000 INR


[5] Package Purchase &
International Payments:

Have a German Bank account? 
- Please follow this link to find: bank transfer details.

Don't have a German bank account? 
- Please continue reading steps for booking below.

Steps to book & pay for classes

through the website:


  1. Create a user account in the top hand right corner or log into your existing account.

  2. Select the class package you want from the options below & continue with your booking.

  3. In the booking process you might have to chose a starting date for your class package.

  4. After successful payment you receive a confirmation email.

  5. Please inform us, which classes you want to take part in at least 1 hour in advance.

  6. You will receive a link to the Video call from us.

Thank you for supporting us!

Pricing Plan Purchase

  • Free Trial Class

    Valid for Yoga Group Classes, Once per person
    Valid for 3 months
    • 1:1 Class with Harsh

      Private class with Harsh for 30 minutes available on/offline
      Valid for one month
      • More time durations (60/90 mins) available upon request