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Yoga Classes with Harsh Mirani

"Together we train your body with movements so natural to it 

that your mind becomes an observer of your breath

and you experience the true meaning of peace and Union (Yoga)!"

Yogic Breath Logo (A Yoga Tree pose with a human body with a head made out of a leaf)


Do you fall back into laziness and unhealthy habits repeatedly?

Join my Yoga Classes if you want to...

  • Build up consistency in your practice / exercise with a positive outlook on injuries, setbacks and lack of motivation

  • Improve body awareness and mobility to a whole new level

  • Become strong, persistent and flexible

  • Become super calm, peaceful and patient

  • Love and appreciate your body for what it is

  • Never get bored of a Yoga class (again)

What to expect​ in my classes

  • A safe practice of challenging poses after a good warm up and appropriate preparation

  • Plenty of alternative variations, so you can chose the one meeting your current capacity (open to all levels)

  • A class that gives you energy instead of tiring you out

What NOT to expect

  • Esoteric or deep religious talks

  • Jumping straight into the practice of Advanced Yoga poses without a warm up and preparation routine

  • The same sequence every time

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Ana Ardigo

I'm a beginner and had never practiced yoga before the quarantine. Harsh is careful to explain the movements thoroughly so we can follow and make the postures without hurting ourselves. He is mindful of our body pains and provides alternatives to the movements so we can all continue to challenge our bodies in a gentle manner . Classes with Harsh are so enriching, he teaches us not only the exercise but the philosophy of yoga. My experience with yoga so far has been a discovery and Harsh has been a wonderful teacher to discover it with!

Victor Pitanga

Harsh is a great teacher. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, he is always mindful, takes care of the class and proposes different ideas for people from varied levels to challenge their minds and bodies. Harsh has extensive knowledge on breathing and posture techniques that make a huge difference when practising. Both online and in-person classes are highly recommended.

Ps: He is also an exemplary acro yoga teacher. All I know from acro is thanks to him!​​

Abstract Gold Flower

Harsh gives amazing classes, that takes you from complete inertia, through challeging and fun poses to yoga philisophy and deep breathing
- all being encouraging while respecting each student's limits. Harsh is passionate about yoga and this shows in each sentence. Practicing has become the most fulfilling moment of my week and I always look forward to it! Can't recommend it enough!

Raissa Pose
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